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Photographer Tips for Staging the Perfect Seattle Wedding Photograph

The Layout of the City

The city of Seattle is a picturesque community on Washington’s west coast; a lovely place for a wedding and being a Seattle wedding photographer is a great profession. First off, the city has so much to offer in terms of colorful locations. There are more parks than you can imagine in Seattle! Down at the waterfront, there are shops, restaurants and the houseboats that the city is so very famous for. If you want a great spot in Seattle for a wedding picture; there are countless places to choose from.

As the city is situated in the American northwest, it has very distinct seasons; fall is quite colorful and winters a blanket of white. Also, given its position on the coast, yet near the mountains, just about everyone can find a time and place for the perfect wedding. So, if you decide to become a Seattle wedding photographer, expect to be busy all year long, and to travel to a lot of different locations.

Places for a Wedding and Reception

There are a wide range of places you can expect to go as a Seattle wedding photographer. The Belle Chapel, on the National Register of Historic Places, is a splendid Victorian-style place for both weddings and receptions. Then there is the Courtyard Hall, set in the beautiful pastoral Country Village; this is another perfect spot for a wedding and reception, ideal for those people who enjoy being outside. Spiritridge Park and the Salish Lodge and Spa is another such location, a wonderful place for a summer wedding.

Then there are some of their indoor venues. The Sheraton Bellevue Seattle East Hotel, the Bis On Main, and the Meydenbauer Center. All of them have excellent chef and catering teams to provide outstanding cuisine, and lovely locals for picture taking. A place like the Melting Pot Bellevue is great for a reception; many people enjoy something different for such a special event.

So, clearly the city holds many opportunities for a Seattle wedding photographer. It does not matter what time of year you want to work, or what area of the city you prefer; there is work out there. Given the plethora of locations available for a wedding and reception, a Seattle Wedding Photographer can work down by the ocean, in the busy downtown district, in the natural outside or in a fancy developed area, or up in the mountains amidst rivers, waterfalls and the rocky crags of nature.