An Intoxicating Shot of a Glass of Red Wine

If you want to know how this dark and mysterious red wine photo came to be, Ron Goldman reveals the secrets When you look at this glass of red wine, you can't be certain where the lighting is coming from. It's a rather dramatic shot. How did Ron Goldman master it? Here he explains the [...]

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A Vibrant Black and Blue Butterfly

Master photographer Jo Whaley creates art from a black and blue butterfly What makes this photograph of a black and blue butterfly so special? What makes the butterfly stand out? What draws us into the shot? Jo Whaley explains the dynamics of this intriguing photograph. The Perfect Combination Jo Whaley: The photograph of the black [...]

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A Stunning “Bride with Flower” Photograph

How Bruce Smith got this dramatic "bride with flower" shot to bring across energy and emotion Sometimes a photo is so much more than a moment in time -- as is the case with this "bride with flower" shot. Sometimes it can actually tell a story or express an emotion. That's exactly what Bruce Smith [...]

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A Somewhat Abstract Shot of Mango Slices in a Jar

Ron Goldman explains how the ability to be spontaneous and seize the moment helped create this beautiful shot of mango slices When first looking at this picture of mango slices, you might not be sure what it is you're seeing. How and why did Ron Goldman get such a shot? He was more than happy [...]

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A Photograph of a Mysterious Couture Bride

Putting a bit of mystery into the photo of the couture bride How did Bruce Smith put the mystery into this shot of the couture bride? Here he sheds some light on the topic for us... What Is Mystery? Bruce Smith: Rarely do you see a very sad picture in fashion photography. It is not [...]

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Waterproof Disposable Cameras

Reasons to Go for Waterproof with Disposable Cameras First there were cameras then there were disposable cameras – now there are waterproof disposable cameras. Disposable cameras are just that – disposable; so why would you bother going for the added protection of waterproof disposable cameras? Well, let’s think about the reasons why you are most [...]

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Still Life Photographers

How to Hire Photographers For Still Life Pictures From food shots to product pictures and commercial images, still life photographers do it all. Whether they're shooting a room for a decorator's portfolio, a meal for a chef's menu or an industrial product for a manufacturer's catalog, their images need to be clear, poignant and appealing [...]

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