Digital Camera Accessories – Using Proper Digital Camera Accessories For Great Photos

There are many unique digital camera accessories available today. Each offers something special that it can provide to your camera. Yet, each digital camera may have its own requirements. For most people, finding the right type of accessories is easy to do. You simply need to find the necessary brand and manufacturing information about your [...]

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Comparing Conventional Photography And Digital Photography.

One of the twentieth century’s most innovative technology has to be digital photography. The results are at least as good as traditional photography and many times even better, with the added benefit that it cost about half as much. You only print the photos you really want or need which makes digital photography both natural [...]

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Photography Lighting Lessons

For most, photography lighting is what makes a qualitative difference. Whether the source is natural, artificial or diffused, your photography lighting is something good to understand to improve your photos. There is quite a bit of information about lighting available. In fact, all of the information can be confusing and seem overly complex. I offer [...]

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Photography Ebooks

Ebooks are very effective tools to market yourself and your photography. With an ebook, you can publish your own books. An ebook is a digital file that readers can download or receive on CD. You can read them on a special reader, computers or print them. They don’t have to be printed on sophisticated presses, [...]

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Photographers And A Web Presence

All photographers, experienced and amateur, that want to be taken seriously, must have a ‘web presence.’ This business model is largely based on having a web presence. However, it isn’t limited to only doing business online. Set Up Online Account • This step will involve you deciding whether to use the free online photo sharing [...]

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It Also Means Being Obligated

War photojournalists feel a deep obligation to portray the horrors of war so that perhaps one day there will be no more war. They risk their lives to this end. The rest of us, under significantly less danger, have the same obligation to tell our subject’s stories. Whether it’s a simple portrait, a sports photo, [...]

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A Self Portrait on an ATV?

Don't be afraid to photograph yourself -- as Charlie Borland did here in an ATV When people think of self-portraits, they usually think of boring poses. They most likely don't imagine themselves on something as exciting as an ATV. Well, Charlie Borland did get on an ATV, and this picture proves just how exciting self-portrait [...]

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A Sad Child Melts Your Heart

Master photographer Vik Orenstein captures the essence of a sad child Vik Orenstein challenges our notions that pictures should always be of smiling, happy people. Her tender portrait of a sad child will take your breath away. Move Beyond People's Expectations Vik Orenstein: This little gal just totally cracked me up. She was so expressive. [...]

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A Photograph Captures the Majesty of Joshua Tree

How Charlie Borland got this great shot at Joshua Tree This camping shot at Joshua Tree is a prime example of how flash can make the magic happen. Flash and the PocketWizard -- A Match Made in Heaven Charlie Borland: When I took this shot, I was actually camping here in the campsite next door. [...]

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