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Photography Lighting Lessons

For most, photography lighting is what makes a qualitative difference. Whether the source is natural, artificial or diffused, your photography lighting is something good to understand to improve your photos.

There is quite a bit of information about lighting available. In fact, all of the information can be confusing and seem overly complex. I offer these instructional videos to provide a diverse compilation of photo lighting lessons. They’re short, informative and easy.

When I started in photography, I had no idea how many different types of lighting there were. For example, there is natural lighting, diffused lighting, artificial lighting, flash lighting, low-key lighting, available lighting, etc. Learning the differences improved my photos dramatically.

Shooting in available lighting can be great in setting stunning moods. Lighting coming in from a window or doorway is obvious, as well as candle lighting. Available lighting can produce very interesting light patterns. Of course, since daylight is always moving, you must work fast to capture as many of the mood changing light settings, as possible.

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