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Ebooks are very effective tools to market yourself and your photography. With an ebook, you can publish your own books. An ebook is a digital file that readers can download or receive on CD. You can read them on a special reader, computers or print them.

They don’t have to be printed on sophisticated presses, bound, inventoried, or shipped. They are never returned for a refund. You cansell ebooks on your website, at regular bookstores, on Ebay, on Internet photography forums, or on If you want to sell in bookstores or on commercial websites like Amazon, you must agree to their terms and rules.

If you have a particular photographic area of expertise (your photography niche) and can write about it, you can write an ebook and sell it. Of course, your pictures will be used to illustrate the book so you will be selling your pictures at the same time.

You can build the ebook in any number of software programs such as Quark, PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word or Adobe PageMaker. Then you use additional software to convert those files into an ebook. Adobe Systems makes a product called Acrobat. Every computer sold today comes with an Adobe reader. Adobe’s reader software is also available free of charge from their website.

Once you have created your ebook, you can set up a shopping cart system on your website and sell your ebook online. Depending on the size of the ebook, you could make your ebook available to download from your website. If the ebook files are large, you may want to burn it onto a CD and ship it to customers for an additional fee.

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