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A Self Portrait on an ATV?

Don’t be afraid to photograph yourself — as Charlie Borland did here in an ATV

When people think of self-portraits, they usually think of boring poses. They most likely don’t imagine themselves on something as exciting as an ATV. Well, Charlie Borland did get on an ATV, and this picture proves just how exciting self-portrait shots can be. Charlie shared his interesting self-portrait technique during my interview with him.

An Unusual Self-Portrait

This one is actually a self portrait. It’s hard to tell, but I am smiling in there.
What I actually did here is I took a camera monopod and a photographic clamp. I clamped it to the front of the ATV and I mounted my camera there and set my little remote cable hidden through the quad.

I went dipping down a dirt road on the ATV just pushing a button as I went. Here again I picked a shutter speed of a 30th of a second so that the trees and the forest and the road would be streaking, but I would stay sharp. (click the image for a larger version)

It actually worked quite well. Once again, it was an overcast day. The color photograph was not super exciting. Going into Photoshop and adding lots of contrast created a whole different photograph.

You’re a Great Model

Don’t be afraid to photograph yourself. I have done it many, many times with pictures that end up being published in magazines. Set your camera on a tripod and set your self timer. Run over, jump up on the rock, and photograph yourself as a silhouette. I have done that many times quite successfully.

In Conclusion

Sometimes we’re our own best models, and as this picture shows, self-portraits don’t have to be boring! By combining a self timer and a tripod (and maybe a bit of Photoshop), you can create an amazing self-portrait that is anything but boring. Charlie Borland proved this point with this great ATV shot.

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