A Stunning “Bride with Flower” Photograph

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A Stunning “Bride with Flower” Photograph

How Bruce Smith got this dramatic “bride with flower” shot to bring across energy and emotion

Sometimes a photo is so much more than a moment in time — as is the case with this “bride with flower” shot. Sometimes it can actually tell a story or express an emotion. That’s exactly what Bruce Smith did with this image.

Expression Without Words

Bruce Smith: This photo was part of a bridal story for a magazine that I shot a few years ago. In this photograph, the girl has quite yellowy skin, her fingers in her mouth, and flowers in her hair. This is extremely sweet, very soft.

In this shot the model is being directed by me, but her attention is not to the camera. This gives the shot a bit of an aloofness, yet the same time, it’s still soft and romantic.

In Closing

Think the subject of your photo has to be staring at the camera? That’s not how Bruce Smith thinks. In this photograph he had the model staring off in another direction. It brings a soft, romantic air to the “bride with flower” shot that isn’t at all forced or contrived.

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