A Somewhat Abstract Shot of Mango Slices in a Jar

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A Somewhat Abstract Shot of Mango Slices in a Jar

Ron Goldman explains how the ability to be spontaneous and seize the moment helped create this beautiful shot of mango slices

When first looking at this picture of mango slices, you might not be sure what it is you’re seeing. How and why did Ron Goldman get such a shot? He was more than happy to share some insight during his time with us.

Seizing the Moment

Ron Goldman: This photograph of the mango slices was taken when my wife was out shopping one day. She had bought some decorations for the kitchen and I saw this large bottle of mango slices and little slices of red pepper.

The light was coming through the bottle from behind. It was up in the windowsill and really caught my eye, so I grabbed it off the sill and went back to my sliding glass door and set this up on a table with the sliding glass door directly behind it so that all of the evening sunlight was coming through the bottle.

I just set black foam core around the bottle so that I wasn’t shooting into any direct sunlight and I grabbed a 180mm macro lens and just started snapping away. I turned the bottle different angles and was getting different compositions where the peppers were in different places and the light was coming through differently.

I ended up with this shot being one of my favorites. This is all kind of on the fly one evening when I happened to walk through and see this beautiful light coming through the back of this bottle and ten minutes later I had this shot.

Audri Lanford: That’s really incredible. And again, this is natural light. I never would have guessed that.
Ron Goldman: The great thing about natural light is that it’s there pretty much every day and it’s free to use. You don’t have to have any fancy lighting equipment to use a window. You have to wait for certain times of the day or move to a different side of the house, but most people have windows all the way around the house so you can find some light to work with at almost any time of the day.

In Closing

Spontaneity can sometimes have its rewards, and being ready for a shot any time, day or night, is what sets a dedicated photographer apart from the rest. Ron Goldman wasn’t planning on taking this beautiful shot of the mango slices, but he was ready to do so when the opportunity arose.

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