A Photograph of a Mysterious Couture Bride

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A Photograph of a Mysterious Couture Bride

Putting a bit of mystery into the photo of the couture bride

How did Bruce Smith put the mystery into this shot of the couture bride? Here he sheds some light on the topic for us…

What Is Mystery?

Bruce Smith: Rarely do you see a very sad picture in fashion photography. It is not uncommon, however, to see a picture that’s got a bit of mood and atmosphere to it. This photograph here is very sultry and very mysterious.

At the time I would have been directing the couture bride model in a very sultry and very mysterious manner. I’d have been telling her, “That’s not quite how mysterious looks, please.” I’d direct her to be nice and soft and gentle, but very mysterious — and a little bit stern perhaps.

The manner in which you express yourself to your subjects comes back to you.

To Conclude

What is the best way for a photographer to express his vision and needs to a model?
If you’re master photographer Bruce Smith, you lead by example. By putting the emotion and aura you want into directing the shoot, you’ll get the results you are after. That’s exactly how Bruce got the mysterious feel into this photograph of the couture bride.

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